2004 Pine Ridge Donations

2002 Pine Ridge Donations

2004 Pine Pine Ridge Donations
School Supplies

2004 School Supplies collected for the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

More school supplies collected for the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.  The Arrowhead Boys Soccer program donated well over $2,000 worth of supplies and money.


2002 Pine Pine Ridge Donations


The Arrowhead Boys Soccer program and Pine Ridge Indian Reservation would like to thank those who gave this past winter.  You really made a special holiday season at the Pine Ridge!
The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is a 3,000 square mile reservation located in SW South Dakota and is home to the Sioux Nation.  It is the poorest county in the United States with 63% of the population living below the poverty level. 

The people on the reservation are plagued by malnutrition, disease (alcoholism and diabetes) and 73% unemployment.  There just are no jobs on the reservation and the most successful business is the funeral home.  The life expectancy for males is age 47. 

Contacts have been established with two schools on the reservation.  Last Christmas two vehicles loaded with gifts for school children traveled to these schools on the reservation.   The principals and teachers have asked for any support this year to take the form of basic school supplies.  Without a good education the Indian children have a bleak future. 

Thanks to all who donated!

Click here to learn more about the PINE RIDGE INDIAN RESERVATION.  Thanks Again!

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